How to Make Wood Panel Walls Look Good with Wallplanks

Wallplanks is here to walk you through how to make your wood panel walls look good and stand out. These do’s and don’ts may prove to be vital to your next wood accent project. Make your home unique with an accent wall that’s properly put together and taken care of. Our peel and stick planks make it simple to transform any room into something special.


Think Outside the Box

While the addition of wood paneling makes an awesome accent wall, that’s not the only place it can be used. Try incorporating a cool new look to your ceiling, cabinets, or fireplace. The options are limitless! Wallplanks’ products are perfect for the imaginative DIY-er.


Neutral Doesn’t Mean Boring

If your interior design style incorporates a lot of neutral colors, you may begin to feel like it’s coming off a bit lifeless. Try adding a wood panel accent to give it an extra kick. The subtlety of the grain design will rejuvenate your space.


Take it in a Different Direction

You may assume that your paneling should be installed horizontally.

Well, scratch that. Your planks can go anyway you please!

Vertical, diagonal, patchwork, chevron, or whatever else you can think of.

Don’t Lose Your Outlets

Before you install, be sure to mark where you have power outlets. We recommend marking these locations on the boards before removing the paper liner. Be sure to make the cut and do a trail fit before adhering the board to the wall.


Use Wallplanks’ Handbook

Refer to our installation instructions for a complete guide to the proper use of Wallplanks products. Our main pro tip: dry-lay your boards out before you begin to put them up. It’s important to position the planks before you peel – they won’t easily come undone once the adhesive is in play.

You no longer need to wonder how to make your wood panel walls look good. Wallplanks’ has got you covered! For some additional beauty, check out Wallplanks wood wall covering cleaner. If you have a question that isn’t answered in our guide or instructional videos, check out our FAQ page – someone may have had the same thought as you! If not, contact us. Our team members are ready to assist you.