Peel and Stick Wall Plank Supplies

These peel and stick wall plank supplies are the keys to successful installation and maintenance.


When installing your planks, the J-roller is essential for even application. Adding pressure by rolling this tool over your planks ensures that our Vaccubond technology seals the planks tightly onto the wall. The product features a comfortable grip, allowing you to adjust your stroke without inconvenience.

Wood Wall Covering Cleaner

At From The Forest, we care about sustainability. Add this environmentally friendly cleaner to your wall plank supplies today—it’s designed to keep your planks looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.

We do not use harsh chemicals in our products because they dull the natural radiance of the wood. With our cleaner, your wood will preserve its luster for years to come.

Invest in these peel and stick wall plank supplies to ensure a smooth installation and easy upkeep.

Please note: This product is only intended for pre-finished hardwood. It is not intended for raw/ unfinished or oil finished wood.