Q:  What makes From The Forest Wallplanks innovative/ better than our competitors?


1. Engineered from 100% REAL WOOD 

2. Engineered with "Wall Flex," an HDF core and completed with a front and back face veneer that is finished with WearMax  - making the planks both DURABLE & FLEXIBLE

4. Environmentally Friendly 

5. Engineered with a SHIPLAP EDGE so the surface behind the planks does not peek through regardless of a change in seasons and humidity. 

6. Proudly MADE IN THE USA - Central Wisconsin by From The Forest 


Q: What is HDF?

A: Also referred to as hardboard, a high-density fiberboard (HDF) is a type of engineered wood product. It's made from wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood waste. HDF is similar but much harder and denser than particle board or medium density fiberboard (MDF).


Q: What is Veneer?

A: Wallplank veneer is a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to the front face and the back face of our environmentally friendly HDF core. 


Q: Can Wallplanks be installed in Bathrooms?

A: Wallplanks should not be installed in high humidity areas like saunas and full baths.  The product is 100% wood and humidity above 55% could raise the grain and expand the planks. Installation in half bathrooms should be fine as long as there is not exposure to excessive steam. 

Q: Can Wallplanks be installed on Ceramic Tile?

A: Wallplanks can be installed on clean ceramic tile. Waxy, wet, dusty and dirty surfaces are the only surfaces that would cause adhesion issues. 

Q: Can Wallplanks be installed on Ceilings?

A:  Wallplanks can be installed on ceilings.  Follow the installation instructions that are shipped with the product.  Step 11 is for ceilings and indicates to use 18 gauge finish nails every 16" on both sides of the plank to further secure the planks to the ceilings.  

Q: Can Wallplanks be installed on Fireplace walls?

A:  Follow local code. As long as the immediate surrounding of the fireplace opening is nonflammable Wallplanks can be installed on the sides of that, around and above.


Q: Can I hang mirrors and artwork on the Wallplanks?

A:   Wallplanks are not load bearing. Wall Décor like mirrors, pictures, shelves can be mounted by drilling through the Wallplanks provided the underlying wall provides sufficient support (i.e. wall studs). Use proper hardware to install any wall décor.


Q: Can Wallplanks be installed over wallpaper? 


Clean, Smooth, well-adhered wallpaper: This can be a base for Wallplanks. The installer must make sure the wallpaper is clean and firmly bonded to the wall before applying the wallplanks to the wallpaper.

Embossed wallpaper: The adhesive on the back of the wallplanks is 1/32" thick. If the embossing on the wallpaper raises out more than that it is possible that the Wallplanks adhesion will be interrupted every time it goes over the embossing. This could result in less than a firm bond. The installer will need to test bond strength with several Wallplanks to ensure adhesive bond strength to the embossed wallpaper before proceeding with the entire installation. If bond strength is not sufficient, the wallpaper will have to be removed prior to installing the wallplanks.

Textured wallpaper: should be removed and the base wall cleaned with trisodium phosphate ( TSP) before installing Wallplanks.  To remove wallpaper there are steamers or wallpaper removal solutions available. These items plus the TSP cleaner are available in hardware stores or home centers


 Q: Sub walls are to be flat, dry, structurally sound and clean prior to installing Wallplanks.  Define dry?

A:  Moisture content of the sub-wall that is plywood or drywall should not exceed 11% using a pin-style meter.  If sub wall is concrete or cinder block it should be dry using an ASTM 1869-89 Calcium Chloride test with the moisture content not exceeding 2.0 lbs. Concrete or block should also be primed or painted prior to installation for tape adhesion.


Q:  What is the radius the boards can flex?

A:  Wallplank boards have a built-in feature called "Wall Flex" that helps each board to contour to slightly out of flat walls.  The product is not designed to flex around or over architecturally contoured or curved walls.


Q:  Will the planks hold up in high humid locations like Lake communities without warping or changing?

A:  Wallplanks are made from 100% wood and are designed for interior installations only. For best long-term performance permanent HVAC should be on and maintained with a relative humidity to the home or business between 30-55% for a minimum of 14 days prior to installation as well as during and after installation. If you suspect a change in humidity, allow ¼” expansion space for every 10’ of the wall on all sides.


Q:  Are the colors on the planks the true colors that come from the wood?

A:  The Backcountry, Picket Fence, Zebra, and Normandy patterns have a Patent Pending infused stain process done to recreate the renditions of the reclaimed or exotic wood designs. Real Hardwood veneers are used for the texture and to give authenticity to the design. Maple, Biscuit, Pewter, Walnut, and Umber are all traditionally stained hardwood veneers.


Q:  Why do some of my Wallplanks look like they have the same pattern?

A:  On most Wallplank sku's there can be some pattern repeat in about every 16th board.

Reason: When From The Forest slices the veneer, the machine used to slice the veneer leaves a grain pattern that repeats. In addition, the staining process we are using to create color variation and saw marks can also repeat on every 12-16 boards. We do have a system in our production process to minimize the natural pattern repeat in the same carton but cannot eliminate the issue completely. For that reason, the Installation Instructions indicate that the planks should be "dry laid" prior to permanent installation. 


Q:  What is the Average length of a Wallplank?

A:  Wallplanks come in lengths anywhere between 12"-48" with over 80% of the boards in a carton being the full 48" length.