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J-Roller *Important Installation Tool*

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This J-Roller enables the installer to apply pressure evenly to Wallplanks, thus providing maximum Vacuubond-adhesion. Using a J-Roller is a very important step in the Wallplanks installation process. Adding pressure by rolling this tool over your planks ensures that our Vacuubond technology seals the planks tightly onto the wall. The J-roller should be used after every plank is installed and again after the entire installation is complete.

This product features a super-comfortable grip, thus ensuring user flexibility. Ease of use means you can focus on the task at hand; creating master craftsmanship. Top-notch tool, outstanding results.


The J-Roller - A Critical Tool for Panel Installation

Achieving stunning walls inside your living space with Wallplanks peel-and-stick panels is easy to do yourself. But like any DIY project, installation requires the right tools. That's why Wallplanks encourages you to use our J-Roller, which enables the installer to apply even pressure to the panels for maximum VacuuBond™ adhesion.

Use of a J-roller is an important part of achieving the best Wallplanks installation results. This top-notch tool features a super-comfortable grip while also providing the needed flexibility and ease of use ultimately reflected in beautiful, long-lasting walls.

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    WPJROLL Wallplanks Supplies Individual J-Roller J-Roller *Important Installation Tool*
    WPJROLL Wallplanks Supplies Individual J-Roller J-Roller *Important Installation Tool*
    WPJROLL Wallplanks Supplies Individual J-Roller J-Roller *Important Installation Tool*
    WPJROLL Wallplanks Supplies Individual J-Roller J-Roller *Important Installation Tool*


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