COVID-19 Update

We are still facing unprecedented times. The Wallplanks team sends its deepest regards to all individuals that have been affected by COVID-19. We extend our gratitude to all frontline workers that are helping during the global pandemic. Wallplanks is stillcommitted to the health and well-being of our families, employees, customers, and partners. With over a year since the onset of the pandemic, we are happy to announce that business is running as usual. We're ready to serve you quickly and effectively as you re-design your space.

We know these times have been hard, but within this negative situation there is opportunity and ample time for home improvements. Below, are some DIY room rejuvenation ideas to help you pass the time at home!


6 Rooms Perfectly Suited for a Wood Accent Wall


Style Savvy - Rooms to Transform with a Wood Accent Wall

You may not have thought about this, but your home is actually overflowing with locations that could use some style rejuvenation with stunning colors and textures from Wallplanks. Here is a bit of room-by-room inspiration to spark your imagination on the infinite possibilities for a whole new look - a whole new ambience - for your living space.

Remember, Peel and Stick to your style with Wallplanks.

1. Bedroom

One idea that works amazingly for nearly all bedroom designs and color themes? Using Wallplanks to create an accent wall behind the bed. This could be an entire accent wall, or a portion of the wall right behind the bed that serves as a headboard. The added hues and textures of wood panels are an attractive, eye-drawing feature, which can effectively transform the room from bland to brilliant. In addition, this feature will help your room feel cozy and contemporary.

"This feature will help your room feel cozy and contemporary"

2. Den

How do you use your den? Is it an office? Television or game room for the family? Or maybe it's a man cave, woman cave, or human cave. The use of your den - sometimes called a family room - will determine the type of ambience you want to create. For offices or areas meant for reading or study, wood accent walls in a rich, darker color range can provide an atmosphere conducive to focused attention or quiet contemplation. Lighter-colored Wallplanks panels set a tone for more activity and creativity, such as playing games, doing artwork, playing video games or even doing yoga routines.

3. Living Room

The living room is often a space you aim to showcase, especially if you enjoy entertaining. Wallplanks are perfect for building a stunning accent wall, which you can further embellish with artistic decorations.

If you have a fireplace, consider framing it with wood paneling to make it the room's striking center of attention. Diagonal or chevron positioning can complement a fireplace even more than traditional horizontal or vertical lays. If you have a non-working fireplace, consider lining the inside with panels that have hues which set off the room's paint color.

Bonus: Fireplaces!

Adding Wallplanks around a fireplace can greatly elevate your room. Take the warmth from the hearth and add warm hues to the wall with rich-toned Wallplanks. Make sure to follow local code for this type of installation! As long as the immediate surroundings of the fireplace opening are nonflammable, Wallplanks can be installed on the sides of that, around, and above!

4. Kitchen

Yet another great place for wood accents, kitchens have numerous spots where Wallplanks can add color and eye-catching contrast. You might install wood panel to one wall of the kitchen for attractive accenting. Or how about getting creative and enhancing the coziness of this room with some beautifully textured ceiling panels? Another clever idea is to decorate your kitchen island with a colorful wood-panel accent.

5. Laundry Room

Though styling up the laundry room may not have occurred to you, this can actually be a fantastic place to incorporate some wood accents. Wallplanks look so charming that you might even be motivated to do your laundry more often! For example, how about installing wood paneling in the back of open shelving units in this room, to add a touch of flair?

6. Bathroom

Bathrooms, too, can get a style makeover with Wallplanks. Dress up an accent wall or space near a cabinet with wood panel that complements your tile. This relatively minor, simple-to-install, decorative addition can truly transform your bathroom space. (Note: we do not recommend using Wallplanks near frequently moist areas, such as adjacent to the shower. For areas periodically exposed to moisture, Wallplanks should be additionally secured with nails.)

Now it's your turn. Where is the perfect place in your home to peel-and-stick one of our lovely panel designs? Get inspired by looking at all the color and texture options we offer, and choose to improve the ambience in your living space today.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you might have about our expertly crafted, durable and easy-to-install Wallplanks. Our friendly experts are happy to assist you.