Please make sure you follow installation instructions so that your warranty can remain effective

Installation is much simpler with our adhesive backings on our engineered planks and wallpaper products. You will need a few supplies in order to complete the job. Possible cutting tools inslude a utility knife, hand saw, jig saw or miter saw. Additional tools include a tape measure, level, straight edge, a pencil to mark your wall, and a ladder if you are installing higher up. You';; also want to bring your imagination because you can place our products horizontallt, vertically or in a fun pattern.


Please review our Installation Instructions by selecting a collection below:


  • Originals
  • Dimensions
  • Wallpaper

Watch one of the Wallplank Originals installation videos below

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Watch our Wallplanks Dimensions installation video

Wallplanks Dimension Install kit!

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Watch our Wallplanks Wallpaper installation video