Homeowner's Guide to Wood Accent Wall Care and Maintenance

December 18, 2018 2 min read

Homeowner's Guide to Wood Accent Wall Care and Maintenance - Wallplanks

engineered hardwoodWith proper care, wood can last for hundreds of years without rot or wear. That being said, it's important to understand how to take proper care of your new engineered hardwood planks that cover your elegant accent wall. Here's a quick guide for homeowners to ensure proper care of stick on shiplap planks.


While a wood accent wall will bring any room to life, it's relatively easy for dust to accumulate in between the nooks and crannies of the paneling. But there's an easy solution -- dusting and vacuuming both work to remove the pesky dust buildup. Be gently during the process; if using a vacuum, use a soft brush attachment and work from the top down. If dusting traditionally, use a soft cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals.

Gentle Cleaning Method

If your wood accent wall needs a deeper level of cleaning, it's still important to approach the process with caution and have a method in mind. Surprisingly, experts say that one of the most effective cleaning methods involves dish soap:

"Mix two teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent in a gallon bucket of warm water. Add clean warm water to the second bucket as a rinsing agent. Start at the bottom of the wall and work up, cleaning a small section of paneling at a time, and move laterally across the wall as you complete a section. Apply the cleaning agent, then rinse with clean water. Buff dry with a clean rag or cloth," says SFGate.

Experts also advise against letting detergents or water from sitting on the surface and air drying. This can cause the panels to turn a milky white color and compromise quality.

Finishing With Lemon Oil

Finally, feel free to apply a light coating of lemon oil after cleaning in order to give your engineered hardwood paneling a glossy sheen. Make sure to wipe in the direction of the grain and blot any excess oil to prevent warping.

About 48% of homeowners planned to decorate their homes in 2018, according to a Houzz survey, and understanding the maintenance required for your project needs is the best way to keep your home immaculate. For more information about engineered hardwood DIY wall planks, contact Wall Planks.

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