Why Buy Engineered Hardwood Panels? These Reasons May Surprise You

December 15, 2018 2 min read

Why Buy Engineered Hardwood Panels? These Reasons May Surprise You - Wallplanks

peel and stick wood panels

There are currently over 14 billion home looks on Pinterest -- a category that has grown 75% since 2017. Homeowners and designers are always experimenting with the latest and greatest when it comes to home improvement trends. One major innovation in the home improvement industry is the installation of engineered hardwood panels on your home's walls. But this trend isn't like others like it from the past -- it's evolved significantly over the years. Here's what you should know about the benefits of stick on wood planks for your home improvement project.


As mentioned, the type and quality of the wood used to make wood wall planks is far superior to others like it in the past. Engineered hardwood is a recent home decor innovation that provides durability with the perfect touch of elegance.

"Today's products feature exciting solid hardwood veneers, including wenge, mahogany, zebrawood, Macassar, or teak, not to mention the standard favorites, such as oak, maple, and birch. Rather than the whisker-thin veneers used in the 1960s, these veneers are more legitimate and substantive. Modern paneling features better mounting systems, improved edges, and custom sizing," writes Lee Wallender on The Spruce.


Engineered hardwood planks for walls are also incredibly versatile when it comes to size and type. No matter the dimensions of the wall you're covering, wood planks can be cut to fit like a glove. Furthermore, the many different types of intricately crafted engineered hardwood come in multiple shades and show very unique and one-of-a-kind designs, giving the room a complete makeover -- no two walls with wood planks are exactly alike.


Hardwood trees can take upwards of twenty years or more to reach maturity, and it shows in the durability of the end product. With proper care, wood can last for hundreds of years without rot or wear. This means that with some simple maintenance, your peel and stick wood accent wall will stay functional and appealing for years to come.

The interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenues annually, and developing your very own peel and stick wood accent wall is just one way to bring your home to life. For more information about interior wood plank walls, contact Wall Planks.

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