• Made in the USA

  • FSC Certified

  • Sourced Sustainably

  • Zero VOC's

RWP - Oak

RWP - Maple

How to Install RWP

VacuuBond® Real Wood Plank Installation

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You want affordable, easy to install, low maintenance floors.

RWP is Sustainably Sourced, Sustainably Made, FSC Certified, Natural Product That Is Long lasting, Health Conscious and Recyclable!

RWP Compare to Other Products

Floor Type Vinyl Flooring(LVT, LVP, SPC) Real Wood Plank (RWP)
Toxic Off Gassing Yes No
Contains VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) Yes No
Known to Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals Yes No
Toxic When Burned Yes No
Bio-Degradable No Yes
Sustainably Sourced No Yes
Sustainably Manufactured No Yes
Product Wear Lifespan in Home 10-20 Years 50+ Years

Best Top Coat - WEARMAX®

  • 2 times water repellant
  • Wearmax The Industry's Best Top Coat
  • From The Forest Life Time Warranty

Advanced formula will stand up to your busy life. WEARMAX® resists:

Spills and messes are easy to clean up. Keeps you feeling worry-free

Walking patterns are invisible. Finish maintains luster over time even with daily grit and grime.

Damage from pets, kids and your busy space are prevented

UV inhibitors in the top coat work together to reduce the natural effects of the sun

WEARMAX® is made with the highest grade of Aluminum Oxide and is two times more abrasion resistant than standard Aluminum Oxide

The Quickest and Cleanest Real Hardwood Flooring and Wall Installation In Existence!

With this revolutionary two factor system, RWP can easily be applied to floors, walls, or other surfaces in record time with low cost and no mess.

VacuuBond® is a patented installation method using pre-applied adhesive in groups of parallel strings to create a soft vacuum


  • FAST

  • EASY


Revolutionary Self-Adhering All-In-One Installation Method

  • Guided Tongue & Groove

    Constructed with three opposing plys for stability.

    Easiest way to install flooring panels.

  • VacuuBond® Pre-Glued Factory Applied Adhesive

    VacuuBond® is a patented installation method for all hard surface floors and wallcoverings.

    The impact of this innovative method on the flooring industry could be as significant as the previous developments of UV finishes, imitations of hardwood flooring like laminate, LVT, WPC, and the click profile.

    VacuuBond® Adhesive is specially formulated for the VacuuBond® installation method


Factory-applied adhesive is applied in groups of parallel strings, with air spaces between each string of adhesive. When pressure is applied by walking on the floor (or J-roller for wall installs) the air between the glue strings is forced out, and a soft (suction) is created when the pressure is relieved.

  • Acoustic Testing

    All types of hard surface flooring products will benefit from the acoustical dampening properties of VacuuBond®

    VacuuBond® has been tested at an independent laboratory (N.G.C. Acoustical Testing)​

    • IICASTM E492/E989 (70 dB)​
    • STCASTM E336/E413 (62 dB)
  • Bond Strength


    • Hardwood on plywood with primer (105.3 psi)​
    • Hardwood on OSB with primer (87.6 psi)
    • Hardwood on concrete with primer (89.6)
    • Hardwood on membrane (90 psi)

RWP Specifications

Balanced Core: 3 Plies of 2mm veneer (Long grain/cross grain/long grain)
Core Bond: Phenolic Glue
Top layer: 2mm face (can be sanded and refinished at least 1x)
Grade: Select and Better
Thickness: 7mm/~1/4"+
Width: 6.65"
Length: 47.75"
Plank Size: 2.2 Sq Ft
Installation: Guiding Tongue & Groove with pre-applied VacuuBond®
Edge: 4-sided Micro Bevel
Finish: WearMax Commercial – Water Resistant (8 coats) Finished underside for additional moisture resistance from subfloor
Box: 12 Planks/box = 26 Sq Ft
Weight: 1 Box = 28 lbs
Pallet: 40 Box/1,056 Sq Ft/1,120 lbs
Truckload: 39 Pallets/43,680 Sq Ft

Approved Installation

Above Grade
At Grade
Below Grade
Over Hydronic Radiant Heat