Applying Wood Wall Planks? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

December 20, 2018 2 min read

Applying Wood Wall Planks? Avoid These Costly Mistakes - Wallplanks

peel and stick wood wallCountless homeowners are choosing to upgrade their one of a kind spaces with authentic wood decor and design elements. Wood can last for hundreds of years without rot or wear, and peel and stick wood wall panels are just one creative way to add a unique flair to your home. But be wary when purchasing and applying wood wall panels: though the process is quite simple, those who have never tried it before may make some common mistakes that impact the finished product. With that in mind, here are just a few mistakes to avoid when purchasing and applying your peel and stick wood wall panels.

Purchasing the Wrong Size DIY Wall Planks

Wall planks come in many different sizes to provide versatile and flexible options for homeowners. That being said, it's important to measure your walls precisely before making any final wall plank purchases. Otherwise, you risk getting the wrong size: if the planks are too large, they won't fit without being cut, and if they're too small, they could ruin the look of the finished product. Measure your wall and measure it once more to be absolutely sure you're getting the right sized planks.

Not Considering Engineered Hardwood

Wood provides a luxurious and elegant look to virtually any room. Its various shades will inevitably blend well with the existing design elements in your home. And while more than one-third of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey said they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating their home, it's important to consider the colors and authenticity of engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood provides a glossy sheen to any surface and is often more durable than other types of wood.

Not Ensuring Proper Leveling

Finally, it's important to make sure the wall you're applying wood planks to is leveled properly. Otherwise, the end result may look uneven and sloppy. You also shouldn't assume your wall is already level. If you use it as a guide, you may have to factor in additional space to prevent a noticeable leveling difference. Use a leveler for the most accuracy.

As you can see, adding stick on shiplap planks to your wall isn't a difficult process, but it should be done with care and attention to detail. For more information about peel and stick wood wall panels, contact Wall Planks.

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