Contemporary Wall Planks

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Pure White


Antique White

White Nocturne Oak


White Pine Authentic Reclaimed

Juno Whitewash

Picket Fence

Farmhouse White

Wake Click & Tap w/VacuuBond

Dove Grey

Luna Grey

Athena Grey


Mercury Greywash

Iris Grey & Brown



Unfinished Walnut

Apollo Brown

Grey Largo Oak

Unfinished White Oak

Unfinished Maple

Natural Maple

Riverbank Click & Tap w/VacuuBond

Unfinished Pine

Brook Click & Tap w/VacuuBond

Natural Pine Authentic Reclaimed




Natural Harmony Oak

Natural Overture Oak

Natural Walnut

Sandstone Click & Tap w/VacuuBond

Clay Click & Tap w/VacuuBond


Encore Mahogany

Baritone Walnut

Boulder Click & Tap w/VacuuBond


Jet Black

Aphrodite Red

Weathered Scarlet

Nyx Blue

Royal Blue

Basil Green

Achieve a glamorous contemporary look with these stunning wall styles!

These products are built to last and you won't find this quality anywhere else. Shop our contemporary hardwood, reclaimed, classic, and wallpaper products below!


Browse our collection of contemporary hardwood, reclaimed, classic and wallpaper products to find the perfect style for your interior design vision. This stunning selection ranges from solid neutrals in white, cream, gray, beige and brown to beautifully blended combinations of these hues. All fit in excellently with contemporary furnishings and décor.

With the minimalism inherent in contemporary design, Wallplanks' hardwood adds the interest of texture through its graining patterns and marks. To really accentuate this feature, we suggest bolder finishes such as Reclaimed Barnwood Natural Pine or Unfinished Raw Walnut, the latter of which you stain at home in the color of your choice. If you stick with more subdued grain finishes, you can use elegant, curved furniture and décor to complete the contemporary look.

As regards to light, for rooms with few windows to let in natural light, we recommend lighter shades of engineered hardwood such as Alabasteror Plantation.

Enjoy checking out our contemporary styles, along with the amazing photographs showing installed projects in each finish, along with other helpful product information. With Wallplanks, you can count on superior quality, durability and ease of installation. Should you have further questions about our planks, their installation, or any other concerns, our knowledgeable customer service team is always here to help.

Wall Paneling

Our peel and stick wall planks can be used to create a stunning feature or accent wall! You can install vertically, horizontally and in many other ways!

All our wall panels are made in the USA and are environmentally friendly.

We offer a variety of styles and material options such as engineered hardwoodand vinyl.



Wainscoting is back and better than ever.

Add value to your space with our easy, DIY peel and stick wall planks application.

Wallplanks trim can be used to add a finishing touch to your vertical, horizontal or diagonal application.


DIY headboards are an awesome way to amplify your bedroom or a guest bedroom.

You can either apply peel and stick wall planks or wallpaper directly to the surface behind the bed, or to a piece of plywood so that it can be moved around.

Using wallplanks trim to frame your DIY creation is recommended for wallplanks headboard applications.


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