Why DIY Wall Planks are Better than Wallpapers in Interior Home Décor

December 03, 2019 3 min read

Why DIY Wall Planks are Better than Wallpapers in Interior Home Décor - Wallplanks

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In the last few years, there has been an emergence of home decoration that is mostly focused on using wallpapers for interior decorations. Millions of families in the United States have incorporated wallpapers as the de facto interior décor materials. This is in line with the recommendation of experts who highlight that homeowners should undertake interior decoration every five to ten years.

However, there is another interior decoration strategy that homeowners should incorporate. DIY wall planks are strategic methods of using a large but thin piece of engineered hardwood for decoration purposes. It offers something unique from the commonly used wallpapers. Here are some of the standout benefits of using DIY wall planks for interior decoration.

1. Natural Wood Appearance

When you are using DIY wall planks for interior home décor, you are incorporating natural wood in your basement and other sections of the house. Natural wood appearance is out of this world and cannot be compared to other methods of interior decoration. The fact that natural wood can blend with whatever color you have in your house is a bonus that you cannot ignore. Natural wood will give your room a luxurious appearance that you have been yearning for.

2. Natural Uniqueness

There is a feeling that each wood you will come across in the industry has its uniqueness. If you install interior wood plank walls, you can be sure that there will be no wood similar to the other. Every wood out there in the industry has a unique arrangement of grains and other physical features that are highly dependent on its area of origin. You will get beautiful wallpapers, but you will never get unique wallpaper out there in the stores.

3. Non-Toxic Materials

Millions of families have been diagnosed with infections and diseases that are highly associated with the materials they use for decoration purposes. Most of them are toxic because they use chemicals that dissipate in the room for many years. However, DIY wall planks don’t release any chemicals in the room. They are made from the natural peel and stick accent wall. You will never get any allergic reaction regardless of the number of years you will be in the same house.

4. Preserves Natural Resources

DIY wall planks may create an impression that individuals are cutting down trees so that they can get the wall planks to stick on various walls and basements. This is not the case. In most scenarios, individuals using peel and stick wood rely on reclaimed wood materials. This is a natural recycling strategy that gives sufficient time for trees to grow in their natural habitat before they are considered for interior décor. It is one of the most sustainable strategies when it comes to home décor.

5. Environmental Friendly

Environmental friendliness and sustainability are some of the most important traits of any construction material in modern world. Anything that does not have negative impacts on the environment and that sustains the habitat for future generations is a welcome bonus to the community. DIY wall planks are clean and non-toxic interior decoration materials that don’t hurt the surroundings. The fact that reclaimed wood is used brings the sustainability trait that every person is interested in.

6. Wall Planks are Durable

Self adhering wall planks are durable enough to remain useful for five to ten years before you can have another interior renovation. Whether you are using the wall planks in your basement in the exercise room, living room, and even guest room, you can be sure that they will remain relevant and useful for many years. Additionally, they require very little maintenance and overall treatment. Simple cleaning will do the trick.

Home and interior decoration have become a common undertaking in many homes across the country. Families are spending millions of dollars to see their homes neat and smart. Using wallpapers and other chemically treated materials has become the norm. However, you can choose DIY wall planks for interior decoration and retain the beauty of your room for many years.

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