Shiplap Siding and Everything You Need to Know About It

December 10, 2019 3 min read

Shiplap Siding and Everything You Need to Know About It - Wallplanks


Interior design is one of the most vibrant niches in the construction sector. If you want to know how this niche has grown, you need to switch to one of the property shows, and everything you will come across has everything to do with interior decoration. Studies show that the interior design sector is generating more than $ 10 billion in revenues every year. This is a clear industry of the growth in the home improvement industry.

If you intend to remodel your home interiors, you need to consider the right materials that will offer value for money. Wallpapers and dry walls are some of the materials that people consider for interior décor. However, shiplap has emerged as one of the best materials in siding and interior improvement. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider shiplap over other decoration materials in the industry.

1. Ease of Installation

Shiplap is like DIY wall planks. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to have it installed in your house. Most of the shiplap materials are designed using groove and tongue, which are special joints. They make installation a seamless experience, especially when compared to other methods of home improvement. An individual with zero carpentry skills can easily learn how to install wall planks if he or she can access the needed materials.

2. Versatile Installation Options

Unlike engineered hardwood, shiplap planks can be installed using various strategies. With basic knowledge on interior wood plank walls, it will be easier to install shiplap siding either vertically or horizontally. Having such versatility gives you several options on how you will plan your interior improvement. Traditionally, most of the peel and stick wall accents follow the traditional horizontal type application. However, that does not mean that you cannot incorporate the vertical approach in your house.

3. Multiple Insulation Options

Insulation is a major home interior activity. Most of the homeowners use different methods of insulation with the hope that they will conserve energy and minimize heating costs. However, the type of siding used has significant impacts on the type of insulation adopted. Most of the siding materials offer very little options when it comes to interior insulation. However, shiplap planks provide homeowners with several insulation options that they can use to conserve energy in their houses.

4. Natural Appearance

In the last few years, the tastes and preferences of people have significantly changed. Most of the consumers are more enthusiastic about natural products. Shiplap siding uses natural wood, which offers a natural appearance to homeowners. Most of the shiplap planks are cut from real wood, which is very beautiful, especially when used for home improvement. Shiplap siding offers an attractive and beautiful home interior as compared to aluminum or vinyl siding. Exotic natural woods such as oak and cedar are used in producing these types of siding boards.

5. Long-Lasting

There is no doubt that wood siding is durable than wallpapers and other forms of siding that are currently being used by homeowners. Shiplap can take a beating and remain beautiful and study for many years. Homeowners who are not planning to renovate their houses soon should consider a siding material that can stay for many years with very little repair and maintenance needs.

6. Less Expensive

Every time you are handling home renovation projects, you should pay critical attention to cost. Although drywall siding is fairly inexpensive, it is laborious and time-consuming. You cannot do it yourself, which means that you will be forced to consider the services of a technician. This will cost you money both in the short and long term. However, shiplap plank is cheap to buy and install. You don’t need the services of a technician, which saves you money.

There are several materials that you can use for interior renovations in your home. However, shiplap planks provide the best options for you where you will not incur huge expenses, but you will enjoy a beautiful and natural wall for many years.

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