6 Ways to Use Wallplanks

September 13, 2018 1 min read

Wallplanks go on walls. Yes. But here are 6 other ways (that you might've not thought of!) to use planks in your space. Make sure to follow the installation instructions whenever using Wallplanks!

1. Headboard

Ditch the traditional headboard and install Wallplanks at the head of your bed.
Frame the planks with matching trim and you're all set! Nice!
Pictured: Maple // Photo by Wallplanks

2. Ceiling

What? Ceilings? Yes! Per the installation instructions, use 18-gauge finish nails every 16" on both ends of the plank to further secure them to the ceiling. Then remind your visitors to look up and enjoy your awesome creation!
Pictured: Biscuit // Photo by Village Home Stores

3. Range Hood

Got an icky stove range hood that needs some love? Simply wipe clean, cut your planks to size, and peel & stick! Ta-da! Hello kitchen envy.
Similar look: Normandy // Photo by Life on Shady Lane

4. Backsplash

Make a statement in your kitchen with a Wallplanks backsplash! It’s super easy to keep clean too. Simply wipe with a soft cloth and some wood wall cleaner. Yesss.
Similar look: Almond // Photo by Hallmark Floors 

5. Island

You may not think about your kitchen island a lot, but it’s a small space that’s great for redecorating! It’s easy too. Trust us.
Pictured: Natural Walnut  // Photo by Village Home Stores

6. Open Faced Stairs

Finally, the best renovation yet. No more boring stairs! This one is your golden ticket to an Instagram-worthy home. Standing ovation, please.
Pictured: Natural Walnut  // Photo by From the Forest

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