Ingenious Ways Renters Can Decorate Their Walls

August 02, 2019 3 min read

Ingenious Ways Renters Can Decorate Their Walls - Wallplanks

peel and stick wood accent wall

Home ownership is a goal for many Americans. But given the ever-increasing costs of living and lack of affordable housing available, residents of all generations may feel pressured to put off those dreams. If you currently rent, you might long to make your space your own. With over 14 billion home looks on Pinterest, you've probably gathered some inspiration over the years. However, you may feel like you don't have the freedom necessary to decorate your apartment the way you'd like to. If you feel like your renter status is prohibiting you from putting your mark on your domicile, there's good news: you may not be as limited as you think you are. While you'll likely want to ask for permission and consult your lease before taking on any major decor changes, here are just a few ideas that renters can often use to make their apartments a bit more special.

Vinyl Wall Decals

While you might remember using vinyl decals to decorate your dorm room in college, you won't have to limit yourself to juvenile designs here. You can certainly create an accent wall using a large vinyl decal, but you can also make a patterned wall space using versatile vinyl shapes. This can allow you to do some more detailed work and give the illusion of stenciling or painting without adding anything permanent.

Peel and Stick Wood Wall Planks

A peel and stick wood accent wall is an immensely popular choice for both renters and owners alike. Because stick on wood planks are easy to install, you can complete this project in just one weekend. You can easily use a peel and stick wood accent wall to make just about any room feel more luxurious and cozy. And because these wall planks can be removed, you won't have to worry about any lasting damage when it's time to move out. Your landlord may love the peel and stick wood accent wall so much that they keep it around for the next tenant!

Removable Wall Paper

If you're determined to add color or a pattern in a way that doesn't involve wood or vinyl, why not consider removable wall paper? This temporary decorative option comes with an adhesive back that won't harm your walls but that can instantly brighten up an otherwise dull face. It's also readily available now, making it easier to achieve your interior design dreams. It's best to use this product in smaller areas you want to feature, due to its cost, rather than opting to cover an entire room. That works well in a small apartment that needs some definition and division

Interesting Wall Art

While you might be inclined to make changes to the walls themselves, that isn't always necessary. Wall art can be a welcome addition to any space that can spruce up even the whitest paint job. Whether you opt for one oversized statement piece or create a dazzling gallery wall in your main living space or home office, this can allow you to make your apartment more interesting without permanent changes. If you want to cut down on the holes you'll need to hammer in, you might try displaying art on top of mantles, on existing floating shelves, or with the use of removable wall hooks.

Don't assume that because you rent that you can't show your personality in your home decor. By installing a peel and stick wood accent wall or by creating a feature wall with removable wall paper or hanging art, you can put your spin on your space in a short-term way. For more information on our wall plank products, please contact us today.

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