Four Areas in Your House That Need DIY Wall Planks

June 30, 2019 3 min read

Four Areas in Your House That Need DIY Wall Planks - Wallplanks

diy wall planksWe all love a simple weekend project that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to finish. That's why DIY wall planks are such an ideal addition to make to your home. Wall planks, or shiplap as the phenomenon is sometimes referred to, create a modern spin on an old-fashioned building technique with plywood planks. The lines of plywood resemble the interior of a wooden ship, hence the name "shiplap".

But how does a ship interior actually look inside a modern house? The answer, of course, varies based on several different factors, but a common point for nearly all houses is the ease of customization. Plywood is easy to paint, easy to handle, and easy to cut, making it an ideal material to work with when creating a wall plank. Even better, stick on shiplap speeds up the process even more with an easy adhesive backing that makes installing this fun trend a breeze. Plus, the options for stick on wood panels are endless, and, like plywood, are easy to customize. Let's take a look at the four areas in your house that will look great with some DIY wall planks.

Your Entryway

If you're lucky enough to have a spectacular hallway in your entryway, self-adhering wall planks are the perfect addition to this space. Not only do peel and stick planks add a unique pattern and pop of bright color, but it also creates a conversation topic as soon as your guests walk through the door. Complement the fun colors and patterning of your plank wall with a cute bench, table, and some flowers, and you'll have a swoon-worthy entryway in no time.

The Guestroom

Create a peel and stick wood accent wall in your guestroom and let the compliments pour in. The beauty of wall planks lies in the ease in which you can customize them, allowing you to create an endless combination of colors and patterns that you can mix or match as much as you want. The simple addition of a wall plank to a single wall in your guestroom creates a unique visual pattern that will set off the rest of the room. Or, play with colors that complement the color scheme of the guestroom for a vivid pop of color that feels fresh and modern.

The Bathroom

Did you know that approximately 52% of hardwood trees in the United States are oak? These plentiful trees are a common addition to the blend of hard and softwoods in plywood, and with a long-lasting, stable tree like oak, you can rest assured that your DIY wall planks will last for a very long time. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your entire house, so it's critical to know that the materials you use for any decorative projects will last. That's why wall planks are such a good choice in a bathroom. Not only do they play with colors and patterns in the (typically) small space, that accent wall will last and last.

The Kitchen

If the bathroom is the most used room in the house, the kitchen is likely the most popular. As the heart of your home, the kitchen gets a lot of use but not always a lot of love. Sometimes limited space can make it tricky to change the paint or wallpaper, or the cabinetry gets updated but the old paint color hasn't been freshened up yet. Use shiplap to your advantage and add the colors you want in your kitchen without an extensive painting project.

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