Stick On Shiplap, An Easy Way To Breathe Life Back Into A Room

June 28, 2019 2 min read

Stick On Shiplap, An Easy Way To Breathe Life Back Into A Room - Wallplanks

self adhering wall planks

As recommended by interior designers, room decor should be updated every five to 10 years. This may mean repainting walls, changing color palette, reflooring, or refurnishing, amongst other options.

When redecorating, consider installing shiplap onto walls in order to give them new character as well as a rustic feel and texture. Not only is this option light on budget, it is also easy to install and incorporate into a room.

Additionally, they can be lasting and durable if properly cared for. As long as they are maintained well, wood may last without wearing or rotting for hundreds of years.

What Is Shiplap?

Shiplap planks are self adhering wall planks whose appearance is reminiscent of planks used to construct ships and boats. They run horizontally and fit tightly together in order to keep the boat waterproof. This same style of fitting boards together has also been used on house exteriors to block wind.

Although these planks had much practical use historically, in modern day, they are now sometimes used as interior wood plank walls for aesthetic purposes. They contribute visually to the character of walls that would otherwise be empty, and they are versatile.

DIY Wall Planks

In installing shiplap onto walls, typically, the process involves cutting plywood boards into the desired width and length, sanding away rough edges, and painting them. The wall must be cleared of all other decor before attaching and spacing the boards.

Another Method Of Installation

Typically, the installation of shiplap involves nailing planks directly into wall studs. However, there is a separate option that makes this interior decor option much easier – self adhering wall planks.

Made entirely of engineered hardwood, this adhesive shiplap is essentially peel and stick planks that may be applied to walls without the use of nails or potential damage done to the drywall material or plaster.

The desired wall will still need to be cleared, but installation becomes a quicker, more convenient process. The self adhering wall planks may be spaced and painted as desired from there. Regardless, adding that extra character and dimension to a room may be as simple as a peel and stick accent wall.

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