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Beautifying Your Space with Wallplanks

shiplapIn spite of the expenses, workload, and unexpected hurdles, owning a home should be fun. The creativity that goes into designing a space and making it your own makes all the hassles worthwhile. While there are many ways to design your interior, shiplap planks are quickly rising in popularity as a timeless, stylish design feature. If you're looking to revitalize your walls and beautify your space, follow our simple tips to find the best woodplanks for your home!

First off, it's important that you consider the wood variety. Different woods produce different tones, and should be considered to complement the aesthetic of your interior spaces. The variety of wood is also a factor to consider. Trees of the hardwood variety reach maturity on a timeline that can take upwards of twenty years or even more. If you consider this timeline, making the right choice from the start is a crucial part of your new shiplap investment.

A great option to consider are peel and stick wood panels, or stick on shiplap. These modern design features save you the hassle of measuring and cutting wood. Instead, you can order according to your dimensions and specifications then place the planks on the wall. Many shiplap jobs can quickly add up in terms of labor and finances, so self adhering wall planks are a great choice for anyone looking to save time and money.

As with any upgrade to your home, you must be mindful of studs and electrical work that lies beyond the surfaces of your walls. Working with a trustworthy shiplap company ensures that all your bases are covered from the start so that you and your family minimize potential setbacks as you begin the design process.

Lastly, you should always remember that beautifying your space with shiplap should be a fun, creative, and stimulating process! There are so many styles to choose from. Board and batten designs add a feeling of depth and modernity to a space, while a choice such as beadboard paneling creates a subtler, timeless feel. All styles and accents should be considered when you're looking for new shiplap. Have fun adding style and charm to your space with these simple tips.