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Cape Classic Nickel Gap Shiplap Peel & Stick Wood Wall Strap Set

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Description: All Wallplanks Classic Shiplap colors on one fan set completed with a front and back cover detailing product specifications. Set of (5) 7.44" x 1/2" thick x 11.5" long samples on a strap. Colors include Pure White, Jet Black, Basil Green, Dove Grey, and Royal Blue. Label placement for 1" x 3" labels are back- bottom- center

Shiplap strap set 7.44" x 12"


  • Jet Black
  • Pure White
  • Royal Blue
  • Dove Grey
  • Basil Green
Weight & Dimensions

Set of (5) 7.44" x 1/2" thick x 11.5" long samples on a strap.

Label placement for 1" x 3" labels are back- bottom- center

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    CSWPSTSET5 Wallplanks Strap Set Classic Shiplap Strap Set


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    Can Wallplank Originals be painted?

    Yes, Wallplank Originals unfinished SKU's like Unfinished White Oak, Unfinished Walnut or Unfinished Maple can be painted or stained. We recommend staining and sealing a small board first. If you don't like the first coat, use 220 grit sand paper along the grain and stain/seal again. Continue to sand, stain, and seal until you have achieved your desired color. Then use higher grit sandpaper and lightly sand to remove any loose fibers. Apply one more coat of sealant and enjoy. All other Wallplank Original colors are pre-finished and we do not recommend additional stains or painting.

    What are the differences between the Alabaster Originals and White Classic Shiplap?

    1. The Alabaster Originals has an engineered hardwood veneer on an HDF core. You will see the natural grain of the wood behind the white face. These planks are 5.1" W and have an interlocking joint profile.

    2. The Classic Shiplap has a bright, clean, white vinyl wrapped face on an HDF core. These planks are 7.44" W and have the true nickle gap shiplap profile. Both options are peel and stick with our pre-applied adhesive.

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