This J-Roller enables the installer to apply pressure evenly to Wallplanks, thus providing maximum Vaccubond-adhesion. Using a J-Roller is a very important step in the Wallplanks installation process. This product features a super-comfortable grip, thus ensuring user flexibility. Ease of use means you can focus on the task at hand; creating master craftsmanship. Top-notch tool, outstanding results.




Wallplanks Wood Trim Wall Panel

Although trim is not required, you may want to enhance your Wallplanks with crisp, clean finished edges by installing our wood trim wall panels! One style wood trim piece with an overlap edge can be used to cap the wall in any direction, or use two pieces to create an inside/outside corner. The trim is not peel & stick like the planks, it does require a nail down installation.


When installing planks in 2-D or 3-D from the Wallplanks Dimensions collection, you will need a Wallplanks Dimensions installation Kit to complete the job!

Kit includes: spacers, j-roller and starting line and nails



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Wallplanks cleaner is designed to keep your planks looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.
We do not use harsh chemicals in our products because they dull the natural radiance of the wood. With our cleaner, your wood will preserve its luster for years to come.
Please note: This product is only intended for pre-finished hardwood. It is not intended for raw/ unfinished or oil finished wood.
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