Jennifer with Cook Clean and Repeat

Jennifer with Cook Clean and Repeat My name is Jennifer and I am a wife to my best friend, Darren and mom to 2 daughters, Mackenna and Hayden. Growing up, I was always doing at least 1 of these 3 things; redecorating my room, cooking in my easy bake oven (hello garlic cheddar biscuits!), or posing my friends or barbie dolls to photograph. Fast forward to current day, I am blessed enough to continue all of those things I still love so much, except now I use a real oven and the only time I play barbies is with my youngest daughter. When we are not camping, Darren and I love to DIY and work on home projects on our weekends. I also have a Youtube Channel where I love to share all of our DIY and decorating projects, as well as simple recipes and bits of our camping adventures.

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