Trim Information

Trim Information

Add Trim for Clean, Finished Edges and Corners

Although trim is not required, finishing the corners and edges of your Wallplanks room does wonders to enhance its final look. Use one trim piece with an overlap edge to cap a wall in any direction, or use two (2) pieces to create an inside or outside corner.

Trim pieces are available to match finishes from our Originals, Reclaimed Wood and Classic Shiplap Collections.

High-quality, durable trim pieces are made of the same material as Wallplanks Originals panels; however, installation is not peel-and-stick, but nail-down. Refer to our complete Wallplanks Installation Guide if you choose to add trim pieces, as this will affect measurement of the Wallplanks during installation.

Keep in mind that the trim pieces themselves are made to overlay the planks and are not added until the main panels are already installed.

Show off your gorgeous Wallplanks panels by enhancing them to the maximum with our custom trim. The easy installation and spectacular end result make designing with Wallplanks a DIY-er's dream.