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Can Classic Shiplap Wallplanks be painted?

Yes, our White Classic Shiplap Wallplanks are paintable. It's best to use an acrylic or acrylic latex paint.

Be sure to read the label for vinyl or PVC surface compatibility. Oil based paints will work as well, just follow the instructions for application.

We also offer three (3) Wallplank Originals SKU's that are unfinished and can be painted.

The unfinished SKU's are Unfinished White Oak, Unfinished Walnut and Unfinished Maple.

What are the differences between the White Classic Shiplap and the Alabaster Originals?

1. The Classic Shiplap has a bright, clean, white vinyl wrapped face on an HDF core. These planks are 7.44" W and have the true nickel gap shiplap profile. Both options are peel and stick with our pre-applied adhesive.

2. The Alabaster Originals has an engineered hardwood veneer on an HDF core. You will see the natural grain of the wood behind the white face. These planks are 5.1" W and have an interlocking joint profile.

More Questions?

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