Wallplank Dimensions - Dimensional Wood Accent Wall Planks

Reclaimed Odyssey

For over a decade, From The Forest has sustainably manufactured innovative and beautiful dimensional shiplap planks and other top-of-the-line surface solutions. Our products are always dependable, structurally stable and resistant to long-term wear. Made in the U.S. and conceived for the interior decorator in all of us, our new VacuuBond peel-and-stick dimensional Wallplanks will impress and inspire from the moment they arrive on your doorstep.

Interior Design that Pops

Two- or three-dimensional wall designs using Wallplanks Dimensions Collection is a way to add texture and interest to a flat plane, drawing the eye without being overwhelming. We have choices of warm to neutral/cool tones, depending upon your vision and design preference. There are infinite ways to use dimensional planks to accent entire walls or portions of walls. The underlying theme, of course, is nature and the woods, a setting which evokes appreciation of beauty and that feeling of serenity many of us experience when we're outdoors. Designing with Wallplanks dimensional panels carries that connected, organic feeling inside your home.

Multi-Use Wood Wall Planks

There are many ways to install your Dimensions hardwood wall planks according to design requirements and functionality. Below are a few diagrams that demonstrate the visual aesthetic of our one-, two- and three-dimensional wall planks. To get a better idea of how dimensional panels look after installation and the various ways they are used to make bold, impactful style statements, we invite you to view photos from our gallery. From there, begin to imagine how this unique material could be used to transform your living space.