How to Decorate With Wood Paneling -- Without the '70s Feel

April 18, 2019 2 min read

How to Decorate With Wood Paneling -- Without the '70s Feel - Wallplanks

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Wood has long since been used as a go-to material when building and decorating homes. With proper care, wood can last for hundreds of years without showing signs of rot or wear. That said, the wood wall trend hasn't been quite that enduring. When many people think of wood paneling, they might picture a log cabin or a den straight out of the disco era. But today's decor designs often include stick on wood panels in a whole new way. If you want to avoid feeling like your home is stuck in a time capsule, here are a few ways to use peel and stick wood wall panels in your house -- without the 1970's feel.

Show Off the Shiplap

Thanks to design shows and rustic-modern interior decorating trends, shiplap has been enjoying the spotlight for the past few years. Since it's often white in color and installed horizontally rather than vertically, using adhesive shiplap is a great way to incorporate natural wood into your design without making the room feel smaller and darker. Adhesive shiplap looks great in kitchens, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms, providing a beautiful backdrop for just about any style of home. Best of all, the room will feel totally contemporary, instead of dank and dated.

Make a Statement

If you like the look of dark hardwood, you can easily use it in a multitude of spaces. Just use your stick on wood panels sparingly. If you can make this a highlight feature, you'll be able to make the room stand out for all the right reasons. Focusing on a single wall of your office or installing these panels in lieu of a headboard in the master bedroom can bring both luxury and tranquility to the room. That way, you'll keep the wood from feeling too overwhelming but can make your home totally unique all at once.


Highlight the Details

Although there are some effective ways to use wood paneling to cover an entire room (i.e., opt for light-colored wood, like adhesive shiplap, rather than darker-toned hardwood), it's often more effective to focus on the smaller details of a given space. You could use wood panels to bring some color or texture to a stairwell or even use them on the ceiling in a main living space. In that way, you can actually add some extra details that might not have existed before. Using wood paneling in a subtle yet effective way can make spaces of any size feel more special and will provide plenty of visual interest.

Although wood paneling might often be associated with the 1970s, there's no reason that this decor feature needs to feel out of touch. By using wood planks in the aforementioned ways, you can make your home feel totally fresh and modern.

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