What Can You Do With Peel and Stick Paneling?

April 22, 2019 2 min read

What Can You Do With Peel and Stick Paneling? - Wallplanks

peel and stick planks

Redecorating a home may feel like a daunting task, but according to a Houzz survey of homeowners, almost half of homeowners said they planned to redecorate. Interior designers recommend changing up the indoor scenery every five to ten years. The industry is constantly growing with new design trends that regularly generate $10 billion in revenue annually. A favored, easy-to-install trend taking the country by storm is wooden peel and stick planks.

These wood planks are peel and stick paneling that can be used to add texture and character to a wall. If the TV has ever been left on to HGTV, it's likely Joanna Gaines has made use of shiplap. Peel and stick paneling is easy to install, lasts for years if the wood is taken care of, and offers a variety of redecorating options. HomeBNC recommends several ways to make the most of using shiplap planks.

Accent walls are currently one of the most popular uses for peel and stick planks. Peel and stick planks can bring a feeling of warmth to a room that is different than simply just painting one wall a different color. Designs can range anywhere from giving off a modern feel by painting over the adhesive shiplap to leaving the panels their raw color simulating a cozy cabin feel.

Color options are endless! Raw, stained, or painted! An Interior Design Trends survey showed over one-third of people would choose a neutral color palette for their peel and stick planks, but that still leaves plenty of other options to choose from. Dynamic contrasts of different woods can add drama to a room or a pop of color can make a personalized statement.

Peel and stick planks come in segmented pieces which allow for any design placement imaginable. Many walls keep a horizontal style consuming the entire wall similar to how bricks lay next to one another. Other ideas include choosing only a small section of the wall to install these DIY wall planks. In a bedroom, a select wall section of shiplap can highlight the headboard of the master bed. In the bathroom, the shiplap can originate at the floor and end halfway up leaving the rest of the wall exposed. Perhaps the kitchen backsplash needs a little wood paneled life. The possibilities are endless.

Short pieces of peel and stick planks also encourage experimenting with the direction they are installed. Horizontal is traditional, but why not try upright installation. An angled or crisscrossed design could personalize a new style and draw immediate attention upon entering a room. With over 14 billion home looks on Pinterest, there are shiplap designs for everyone and ways to add your own personal statement that makes home feel more like home.

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