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January 02, 2020 2 min read

Home Sweep Home - Wallplanks

Meet Rigena, content creator of her successful YouTube channel Home Sweep Home! The focus of Home Sweep Home is creating content that relates to the home. Rigena posts about product reviews, reveals transformation videos, DIY projects and provides cleaning motivation.

Rigena contacted Wallplanks about a farmhouse home decor collaboration for her living room transformation. She chose our peel and stick Alabaster Originals Hardwood planks. Her Extreme Living Room Makeover/Transformation/Farmhouse Inspired/Before & After video walks you through her entire living room transformation. The first steps are removing the outlet covers and sanding and cleaning the textured wall. Rigena established a starting line with string and colored powder to ensure the Wallplanks will be straight. She wanted a staggered appearance so Rigena uses the full-length boards and cuts shorter boards to create this staggered look. She didn't want consistent seams throughout her entire wall. Cuts can easily be made with a miter saw or utility knife. Make sure each plank is J-rolled after application. Rigena chooses to have the planks caulked. Please note this step is not necessary. After all the planks have been installed she mounts a television to the sub wall. Wallplanks are not meant to be load-bearing. Next Rigena re-arranges her couch and tidies up a bit in anticipation of receiving her new rug. She mentions other home improvements to watch for in her next video. Rigena's Alabaster Wallplank accent wall looks great in her newly transformed living room.

Watch her entire Extreme Living Room Makeover/Transformation/Farmhouse Inspired/Before & After video here!


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