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VacuuBond® Sustainable Real Wood Planks "RWP" - Hawkes Bay Oak (26 Sq. Ft.)

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$4.99/Sq.Ft.   ($129.74/Carton)
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$4.99/Sq.Ft.   ($129.74/Carton)

26 Sq. Ft. per Carton

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Product Overview

The Quickest and Cleanest Real Hardwood Flooring Installation In Existence

With this revolutionary patented two factor system, RWP can easily be applied to floors, walls, or other surfaces in record time with low cost and no mess.

RWP is Sustainably Sourced, Sustainably Made, FSC Certified, Natural Product That Is Long lasting, Health Conscious and Recyclable! It is good for people, Good for the planet

Pre-Glued Factory Applied Adhesive:

  • VacuuBond® is a patented installation method for all hard surface floors and wallcoverings.
  • The impact of this innovative method on the flooring industry could be as significant as the previous developments of UV finishes, imitations of hardwood flooring like laminate, LVT, WPC, and the click profile.
  • VacuuBond® Adhesive is specially formulated for the VacuuBond® installation method

Factory-applied adhesive is applied in groups of parallel strings, with air spaces between each string of adhesive. When pressure is applied by walking on the floor (or J-roller for wall installs) the air between the glue strings is forced out, and a soft (suction) is created when the pressure is relieved.

Bond Strength: Pull Strength Result

  • Hardwood on plywood with primer (105.3 psi)​
  • Hardwood on OSB with primer (87.6 psi)
  • Hardwood on concrete with primer (89.6)
  • Hardwood on membrane (90 psi)

Acoustic Testing

All types of hard surface flooring products will benefit from the acoustical dampening properties of VacuuBond®.

VacuuBond® has been tested at an independent laboratory (N.G.C. Acoustical Testing)​

  • IICASTM E492/E989 (70 dB)​
  • STCASTM E336/E413 (62 dB)
Weight & Dimensions

Balanced Core: 3 Plies of 2mm veneer (Long grain/cross grain/long grain)

Core: Phenolic Glue

Top Layer: 2mm face (can be sanded and refinished at least 1x)

Thickness: 7MM, ~1/4"+

Width: 6.65"

Length: 47.75"

Plank: 2.2 Sq. Ft.

Installation: Guiding T&G with pre-applied VacuuBond®

Edge: 4

Finish: WearMax® Commercial – Water Resistant (8 coats) Finished underside for additional moisture resistance from subfloor

Box: 12 Planks/box = 26 Sq. Ft.

Weight: 1 Box = 28lbs

Pallet: 40 Boxs/1,056 Sq. Ft./1,20 lbs

Truckload: 39 Pallets/43,680 Sq. Ft.

Installation instructions
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Hawkes Bay Oak - Carton (20 Sq. Ft.)
Hawkes Bay Oak - Carton (20 Sq. Ft.)
Hawkes Bay Oak - Carton (20 Sq. Ft.)
Hawkes Bay Oak - Carton (20 Sq. Ft.)
Hawkes Bay Oak - Carton (20 Sq. Ft.)


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Can Classic Shiplap Wallplanks be painted?

No, our White Cape Shiplap Wallplanks are currently not paintable. In the past, the White Cape Shiplap Wallplanks were made out of vinyl, which allowed them to be painted. However, we switched from vinyl shiplap over to paper-front shiplap.If the paper-front shiplap is painted, it will cause bubbling. Therefore, our White Cape Shiplap made using paper-front cannot be painted.

What are the differences between the White Classic Shiplap and the Alabaster Originals?

1. The Classic Shiplap has a bright, clean, white vinyl wrapped face on an HDF core. These planks are 7.44" W and have the true nickle gap shiplap profile. Both options are peel and stick with our pre-applied adhesive.

2. The Alabaster Originals has an engineered hardwood veneer on an HDF core. You will see the natural grain of the wood behind the white face. These planks are 5.1" W and have an interlocking joint profile.

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