Natural Overture Oak Sound-Blocking Panels

Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak

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Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak - Wallplanks
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Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak - Wallplanks
Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak - Wallplanks
Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak - Wallplanks
Acoustic Wall Collection Natural Overture Oak - Wallplanks

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Product Description: 

    With a modern and Scandinavian look, our Natural Overture Oak sound-dampening wall panels are perfect for any space, including bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and more. The Natural Overture Oak incorporates elements of nature into a sleek, modern style, while at the same time allowing the natural grain of the wood to still shine through. These natural oak planks showcase the cool tones of the white oak wood to complement the dark felt perfectly. Yet they still offer enough contrast to keep your space interesting.

    The natural variation in the wood is accentuated by the slats and fluted design in the Natural Oak Overture sound-blocking panels. With the acoustic felt padding of these sound-dampening wall panels, you won't have to worry about not disturbing your neighbors or roommates again during the late evening or early morning hours. The noise-dampening qualities of the Acoustic Wall paneling in Natural Overture Oak are an added bonus to an exquisitely gorgeous wall plank.


    Product ID: WPAWNOWO

    Turn Down The Noise ( summary of the acoustic lab test results): The critical number for you to know is the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) on page 3. Acoustic Wallplanks NRC value was 0.50. NRC results range from 0 to about 1.2. Intertek indicated 0.50 is good and is much better than standard drywall (around 0.05 NRC). As shown in the graph on page 8, this product best absorbs high-frequency sounds (1000 – 4000 Hz).

    Turn Down The Noise - Acoustic Lab Test Results Warranty Information


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    The 10% extra accounts for waste that occurs during installation.

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    • View detailed written instructions HERE 
    • Make sure to  order a J-Roller as it is an important installation tool that keeps our warranty effective! 
    • Pre-applied peel & stick VacuuBond™  makes installation easier, cleaner, faster and more cost effective by saving you the expense of having to pay for a full spread glue
    • Each carton of panels comes with Screws for extra assurance. If you need extra materials such as felt, please contact customer service   
    • Approved for installations that run Vertically, Diagonally and Horizontally. You may also do Herringbone or Chevron Patterns! 
    • Approved for ceiling installations
    • Approved for bathroom installations 

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