Social Influencers

Why Influence?

Wallplanks believes in partnerships. We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both parties. We provide quality customer service, reliability and consistency to the table. We aim to be a trusted partner, operating with honesty, full transparency along with adapting growth and change to search for new ways to fulfill your needs as an influence to our company.

Do You Qualify?

  • Anyone with an online presence that would include the following:
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
  • Anyone with a website or blog
  • Anyone with a valid mailing address
  • Anyone that offers quality content
  • Anyone that can show drive, passion and commitment to Wallplanks


Meet our Wallplank Affiliates

Holly from Living it Country

My name is Holly Ambro. I am a 27 year old wife to my middle school sweetheart and a momma to two wonderful and busy toddlers. I am a stay at home mompenuar and my journey of being a working mom began when my husband and I needed to find a home (after 7 years of tiny home living) but couldn't afford the outrageous prices. So we got some tool belts and DIYed our very first home. This is when my YouTube adventure of "Living it Country" began. We shared our biggest DIY project which was building our faux farmhouse and I absoutely love continuing the journey by sharing my love of DIY home projects and farmhouse home decor. My goal with my channel is to inspire and motivate other women, couples and families to find creative products like Wall Planks and decorate their homes creatively and beautifully. We adore Wall Planks because of their unique designs and adore the Picket Fence Style. It really has an aged chippy white barn wood look and that is totally my faux farmhouse go to style.


Albie from Albie Knows

My name is Ablie. My passion for decoding spaces is the culmination of nearly a decade of retail visual merchandising & freelance marketing. Using my experience of space design and storytelling, I launched an online interior design & concierge shopping service, in addition to The Design Influence — a conference, podcast, and community dedicated to supporting other designers in the digital space. As a designer, stylist, and curator, with an exceptional eye for online re-designs & vignette styling, I specialize in connecting the decor obsessed & home shopaholics with beautiful pieces & functional design to transform their ordinary spaces into extraordinary dreamscapes.


Kelly from City Girl meets Farm Boy

My name is Kelly. I am a California CityGirl who married a Montana FarmBoy, and the rest is history. We started this journey over 20 years ago. On my blog we document our journey of DIY’s, tips on parenting, some of our favorite foods, and elements that uplift our lives. We hope that you will find these resources helpful in your DIY adventure! Join us as we create simple spaces for our home using creativity, a few tools, and lots of crazy ideas.


Jennifer with Cook Clean and Repeat

My name is Jennifer and I am a wife to my best friend, Darren and mom to 2 daughters, Mackenna and Hayden. Growing up, I was always doing at least 1 of these 3 things; redecorating my room, cooking in my easy bake oven (hello garlic cheddar biscuits!), or posing my friends or barbie dolls to photograph. Fast forward to current day, I am blessed enough to continue all of those things I still love so much, except now I use a real oven and the only time I play barbies is with my youngest daughter. When we are not camping, Darren and I love to DIY and work on home projects on our weekends. I also have a Youtube Channel where I love to share all of our DIY and decorating projects, as well as simple recipes and bits of our camping adventures.