Remaining Neutral: The Advantages of a Neutral Color Palette

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Some people opt for fast fashion, trying their best to follow trends that change like the wind. Others fill their wardrobe with classics that will never go out of style. The same goes for decorating a room. You can follow a color craze and paint a room a shade of pink you will hate in a month, or you can go with classic, neutral tones and materials that will easily adapt to changing tastes keep you happy for years to come. You would not be alone -- a 2017 survey by Interior Design Trends found that over a third of respondents reported that when redecorating their home, they would prefer a neutral color palette. These neutral schemes can be complemented perfectly by easy-to-install DIY wall planks.

What makes a color palette neutral?

The concept of a neutral color palette may conjure images of beige minivans or drab grey concrete lots. However, there is actually much more room for customization and personality in a neutral scheme than you may think. While a shade ranging in tone from bright white to dark grey should comprise the base of a neutral scheme, there can be elements of other colors present. One can use a warm grey, meaning a grey infused with some yellow or red, or a cool grey, which includes elements of blue or green.

Perfect for using interesting patterns and materials

With a neutral color palette, interesting textures and patterns can shine without having to compete with other elements. The White Pine Picket Fence Originals Hardwood Plank, for example, comes in a neutral white which highlights its unique fence texture. Feel free to get creative and experiment with types of surfaces you have never used before!

Neutral = flexible

Have you ever found a really interesting piece of furniture -- a funky couch, a cool antique lamp -- but just felt that it would be a bit too much? With a neutral color palette, you have the freedom to change things up anytime, adding or removing elements at will. DIY wall planks are perfect for the decorator who loves quick changes, as they can be installed incredibly fast and easily. If you want to change things again, the stick on wood panels can even be painted over.

Visit Wallplanks online when redecorating your home to get the perfect peel and stick wood wall planks to create a timeless, neutral room.

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