Fireplace Renovations

January 05, 2022 2 min read

Fireplace Renovations - Wallplanks

If a room has a fireplace, the fireplace is usually meant to be the main focal point. However, an aged or outdated fireplace can become an eye sore or not get the attention it deserves. If your fireplace is looking a little lacking compared to your furnishings, it may be time to renovate it. Learn how to renovate a fireplace at Wallplanks, where our expert designers have come up with ideas and products that you can use to breathe new life into your old fireplace. At Wallplanks, we love home décor and we have some tips and tricks to help you get through your fireplace renovation with less stress and less expense.

Wood Wrap

If you have an old, brick fireplace, the easiest way to renovate it and to give it a completely fresh look is to simply wrap the old brick face in wood. Wood wrap is one of our favorite fireplace renovation ideas because it's easy and the results are always so dramatic. Peel-and-stick wall planks are a great alternative to building a fireplace facing and can be adhered directly to cleaned and dried bricks. For a more rustic aesthetic, consider using reclaimed barn wood to restore your fireplace and add appeal to your room. These peel-and-stick wood wall planks come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose a contemporary all-white look or opt for a warmer tone to suit your personal taste.

Tile Wrap

Another easy way to cover old brick is by using tile. Tile can give an old fireplace a like-new feel and with so many tile colors and styles to choose from, it's easy to find the right look for virtually any space. Mix and match colors and sizes of tiles to create a unique charm that works with your home's décor. If you're using tile to wrap your fireplace, be sure to use heat-resistant tiles to avoid cracking when the fireplace is in use. Tile is also a great choice if your fireplace is very plain and needs an accent to draw attention to it.


A simple DIY method for dressing up your fireplace is to paint the old brick a different color. White is a popular choice for this application and white washing can give an aged, almost distressed appearance to the paint, allowing some of the original brick color to show through. Painting a fireplace can be done as a weekend project or you can bring in a professional to handle the heavy work for you. Once the fireplace is painted, take a look at the mantle and decide if it needs to be removed or refreshed as well. A white fireplace can stand on its own and doesn't always need a mantle to go with it.

Renovating your fireplace is an easy way to maintain the functionality of the fireplace, but to give it an attractive design that better works with your home's décor. There are many different ways to change the look of your fireplace depending on your budget, your timeframe and your abilities. For a full selection of peel-and-stick wood planks, be sure to visit Wallplanks.

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