7 Reasons to Install Shiplap in Your Home

October 17, 2019 3 min read

7 Reasons to Install Shiplap in Your Home - Wallplanks

Interior wall planks have come a long way in recent years -- and they only keep getting better.Today’s wall planks come with a plethora of benefits, including aesthetic appeal, limited maintenance, easy installation, and cutting-edge design and materials for the modern homeowners. Let's examine some of these benefits a bit more closely.

1. Quality Materials

Wood is, by far, one of the most traditional wall paneling materials available. It continues to endure for good reason. You may be able to find other worthy materials, such as melamine and polyurethane wall planks, but there's just something about wood that you can't ignore. Wood is a high-quality, durable material that will not only look great on your walls but last for a long time. Besides, it’s quite easy to find peel and stick wood wall panels in the market.

2. Multiple Design Choices

The next best thing about choosing peel and stick wood wall panels is the variety of designs available. You’ll retain the natural wood grain you want and any colors of your desire. Most people prefer natural wood colors, but this does not limit your choices. This makes wood walls highly versatile and suitable to any room of the home.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Painted walls and wallpapers may seem like a viable option when you build a home, but their constant maintenance needs may frustrate you in the end. These options will not only attract scratches, but indentations and marks as well. On the other hand, peel and stick wood wall panels are resistant to impact. This means that with the right stick on wood planks, you won’t have to worry about regular repainting or repairing.

4. Durability

Wood wall panels typically last a lifetime, even with little maintenance. An overlooked advantage is the fact that they will protect your walls. If the time ever comes and you need to remove the wall planks, your wall will be as good as new. And if you decide to keep up your paneling for the long term, you'll have little need for replacement in the future.

5. Easy Installation

When it comes to peel and stick wood wall panels, nothing is easier to install. Unlike most other interiors design and decor materials, you won’t have to deal with grout lines or exposed adhesive. The installation process is quite simple, as you just need to peel and stick them on your desired wall. Once installed, you get the benefit of concealing your walls and wires that are better left unseen.

6. Eco-Friendliness

To begin with, wood is a natural material. But it's also energy efficient, as it insulates your interior walls. This makes it highly effective for cladding. With peel and stick wood wall panels, you’ll experience low levels of energy consumption. Wood is also among the most ecological materials available and does not necessarily need industrial processing during development. Of course, engineered wood is also beneficial, and you can choose it for your peel and stick wood wall planks.

7. Affordable Elegance

Stick on wood planks are elegant and high-end while still being extremely affordable. You may find it costly to fund larger rooms and possibly the whole house, but compared to other wall decor options (and the benefits wood offers), you'll find it a cost-effective option. Besides, peel and stick wood wall planks are a DIY kind of project, meaning you won't have to hire a professional company for the installation. This can help you keep costs down while you add value to your home.

As long as you measure your walls accordingly—get the right size stick on panels then apply them in a straight line—you should be good to go. You can easily find stick on tutorials, and the whole project will only take you a short time to finish.

Ultimately, the interior decor industry is growing by the day and planning out your redesign project ahead of time will help you get the desired results. Professional interior designers recommend that you update your home every five to 10 years. If you feel it’s about time you do that, peel and stick wood wall panels are an excellent choice.

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