3 Types of Peel and Stick Wood That Are Perfect For Your Home

February 19, 2019 2 min read

3 Types of Peel and Stick Wood That Are Perfect For Your Home - Wallplanks

peel and stick woodWith proper care, wood can last for hundreds of years without rot or wear, making it a durable and appealing investment for almost any home. But considering the fact that there are there are currently over 14 billion home looks on Pinterest, it's not always easy to determine which looks are the most fashionable for your home. But real wood is a look that will never go out of style. Here are just a few types of peel and stick wood that are perfect for your home's walls.



Cedar is one of the most popular varieties of redwood in the United States. It's relatively soft and has a straight grain, making it ideal for a wide range of home furnishings. It's also particularly durable in outdoor applications because it can handle moist environments without rotting. Western red cedar, the most common type, can be found at most home furnishing stores. You'll also enjoy the slightly natural and aromatic smell of the wood.


More than 52% of all hardwoods in North America are oak trees, and like cedar, oak has moisture resistant properties. This makes both red and white oak ideal for peel and stick wood panels as well as furniture:

"Oak is strong (hardness of about four on a scale of one to five) and easy to work with. White oak is preferred for furniture-making because it has a more attractive figure than red oak. White oak is also resistant to moisture and can be used on outdoor furniture," writes Jeff Strong on Dummies.


About 48% of homeowners planned to decorate their homes in 2018, according to a Houzz survey, and pine is another wood that's great for home furnishings and wall planks. It's very easy to work with and maintain. It's also known for its ability to take staining very well.

Interior designers recommend updating a room's decor every five to 10 years, and in addition to the varieties listed above, engineered hardwood also provides a durable appeal to any room. For more information about peel and stick wood wall planks, contact Wall Planks.

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