3 Good Reasons to Use Peel-and-Stick Wall Products

3 Good Reasons to Use Peel-and-Stick Wall Products

peel and stick wood planks for walls

If you're anything like most homeowners, you probably love spending time in your house. But after a while, the style of decor may start to bore you or the state of a given room might start showing its age. Instead of opting for a huge renovation project, there are a lot of ways to revitalize a space without a huge time commitment (or spending a lot of money). By using stick on panels for your walls, you can accomplish your aesthetic goals with minimal effort. Let's take a closer look at just three good reasons you might want to consider using peel and stick wood planks for walls in your home.

  • You can easily spruce up your home to sell: If you plan on putting your house on the market in the near future, it's generally a good idea to invest in some upgrades. That said, you probably won't want to spend a fortune or take on a project so expansive that it could delay the sale. That's especially true if your home is already in great condition and doesn't need a whole lot of work. Buyers are often swayed by simple visual upgrades -- which means a peel and stick accent wall or a room covered in adhesive shiplap could be a highly effective way to encourage families to make an offer. Because these materials are universally appealing, you'll increase your chances of getting a fair price for your home and you'll be able to help potential buyers picture themselves on your property. And because it's not part of the permanent structure, that will provide more versatility for the family who decides to move in.
  • You can help your home grow as your family's needs change: When you start to outgrow your current living situation, you might start looking at available houses on the market. But that's not always a feasible option -- or a desirable one. Many people would prefer to remain in their forever home, even as the needs of family members change. With DIY wall planks, you can easily transform a room to suit its new purpose. So when your children move out of the house to go away to college or your in-laws need to move in, it'll be extremely simple to make a space feel shiny and new without having to move or undergo an extensive renovation. Even if your family setup remains the same but your personal style changes, adding some peel and stick wood planks for walls in the living room, home office, or bedroom can make a space feel much more like "you" again.
  • You can live out your DIY dreams: Some people assume that in order to take on a DIY home improvement project, they need to be extremely handy or creative. That really isn't true anymore, thanks to products like these stick-on wall planks. Although 48% of homeowners planned to decorate their homes in 2018, it's likely that many more residents would be able to rely on their own abilities (and therefore save some time and money) if they relied on easy-to-use products that provide a beautiful execution. Instead of having to rely on a contractor to complete a project in a matter of weeks or months, you can redecorate your favorite room in just one weekend. There's never been a better time to crown yourself the DIY queen or king!

It's clear to see that our peel and stick wood planks for walls can restore function and visual appeal to your home. To learn more about our products or how easy they are to install, please contact us today.

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