Our favorite Wallplanks ceiling installations! The easiest way to install wood paneling on your ceiling.

Why wouldn't you use the easiest installation process for adding wood paneling to your ceiling? Although we also produce hardwood flooring, we highly recommend using our lightweight peel and stick Wallplanks on your ceiling in order to avoid the headache of installing heaving planks and nailing them above your head!

Got an awkward ceiling? Jazz it up with Wallplanks! Here you can see our Almond Wallplanks being used to cover a ceiling andcreate a barn door! 

Here's an example of our Calico Wallplanks being installed as an accent ceiling in a restaurant. Wallplanks are perfect for commercial and residential installations! 

One of our social media affiliates, Tiffany, used our Unfininished Raw White Oak on her ceiling! See how the lighter tones of the wood offer more light and depth to the room? Wallplanks on your ceiling can elevate a simple white ceiling to a ceiling that looks crafted by a designer! 

Want to try out some of our white Wallplanks on a ceiling? Here you can see our Picket Fence and Plantation Wallplanks installed on some ceilings! 

And lastly, here are some of our other favorite Wallplanks ceiling installations. We have Biscuit, Natural Walnut, Cobalt, and a Charcoal installation. The charcoal was added to a beam in the customer's basement, which is a great idea to make a simple plastered and painted beam more interesting and unique looking!