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Wallplanks Limited Edition Wood Trim Wall Panels - Wallplanks

Wallplanks Limited Edition Wood Trim Wall Panels

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If you want to elevate your wall planks with crisp, finished edges, you might want to consider our wood trim wall panels! Wood trim wall panels can be used to cap the wall in any direction, or alternatively as an inside/outside corner piece. We offer our wood trim wall panels in all Wallplank colors to suit every person’s trimming needs!

Wallplank’s wood trim wall panels are made from the same high-quality materials as the Wallplank Originals for an appealing, lasting solution—a DIY lover’s dream.

  • One style trim piece (overlap edge) can be used to cap wall in any direction or with two pieces as inside/outside corner
  • Size per piece = 47" x 2" x 5/8" (4LF)
  • Two pieces per carton (8LF)

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