Wallplanks Originals Hardwood Plank Strap Set - Wallplanks

Wallplanks Originals Hardwood Plank Strap Set

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Strap Set Includes:

All 18 Wallplanks colors on one fan set completed with a front and back cover detailing product specifications. 

WallPlank Strap Set:  Set of (18) 5" x 4.1mm thick x 11.5" Samples on a Strap. Colors include: Plantation, Charcoal, Backcountry, Normandy, Picket Fence, Biscuit, Pewter, Umber, Natural Maple, Natural Walnut, Calico, Cobalt, Alabaster, Dusk, Almond, Unfinished Raw White Oak, Unfinished Maple and Unfinished Walnut.


Please note that strap sets can take 3-4 business days to ship. Please contact us you need this to be expedited. 


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