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3 Tier Leaning Wall Ladder Book Shelf - Wallplanks
3 Tier Leaning Wall Ladder Book Shelf - Wallplanks
3 Tier Leaning Wall Ladder Book Shelf - Wallplanks
3 Tier Leaning Wall Ladder Book Shelf - Wallplanks

3 Tier Leaning Wall Ladder Book Shelf

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Product Description

Bandwidth aesthetics tend to amplify the characteristics that make so many people admire wood - warmth, texture, color, grain. This realistic rendition of reclaimed barn wood will bring a warm glow of breathtaking, beautiful character to any interior.

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Product use: Residential & Commercial
Type: Engineered Laminate
Overall Thickness: 1/4"
Width: 6.50"
Length: 48"
Plank Weight: 2.17lbs
SF/Plank: 2.17 SF
Warranty: Residential & Commercial
Warranties Available
Visual Face Appearance: Laminate Colors
Carton Dimensions: 7" x 49" x 4"
Carton (Box): 32.50 SF/CTN (15 boards)

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DIY Easy To Install Instructions


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