Reclaimed Odyssey Strap Set
WSSTROWC3-0086S1A Wallplanks Strap Set Reclaimed Odyssey Strap Set

Reclaimed Odyssey Strap Set

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Description: All Wallplanks Reclaimed Odyssey colors on one fan set completed with a front and back cover detailing product specifications. Set of (8) 6.5" x 3/4" thick x 12" long samples on a strap. Label placement for 1" x 3" labels are back- bottom- center

Reclaimed Odyssey strap set 6.5" x 12"


  • Mercury Greywash
  • Apollo Brown
  • Athena Grey
  • Luna Grey
  • Juno Whitewash
  • Iris Grey & Brown (room scene label also applied)
  • Juno Whitewash
  • Nyx Blue
  • Aphrodite Red