You hear the word “Pop” a lot on television.

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore likes to say, “All it will take today is for the humidity to ramp up for severe storms to pop.”

In the world of home décor, pop refers to a completely different thing. On QVC, you can expect to hear the word “pop” a few times a day. The reference typically refers to how an accessory makes a room “pop.” Even Martha Stewart gets into the “pop” business. Outside of using the word “fabulous,” Stewart uses the word “pop” more than any other home décor word.

What exactly are they talking about when they describe how something makes a room “pop.” They are talking about how a room makes someone stop and say, “Wow, this room is stunningly beautiful.

Until the early 1980s, wallpaper was the primary method for making a room pop. Nearly 40 years later, wallpaper has returned to once again dominate room décor discussions.

Why Wallpaper is Hip Again

Cassie Crooke, who is the Studio Manager at Rumor Designs located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, says, "Wallpaper is back in the spotlight. Wallpaper scarred homeowners in the past, with outdated patterns and adhesives making the entire experience cumbersome and dreaded."

Wallpaper is hip again because of the following reasons:

  • Long lasting durability that can exceed 20 years
  • Sticks to walls easily
  • Removable 
  • Enhances design warmth and depth
  • A wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures
  • Can be used on one wall or every wall

The wide variety of colors, patterns, and texture is an especially compelling reason to go with wallpaper for decorating any room in your home. Let’s look at the most popular wallpaper ideas that will make the room pop.

Kelly Green

You do not have to be from the Emerald Isle to appreciate the verdant lushness of Kelly Green. The rich green has inspired countless of homeowners to create an inviting ambiance that exudes rustic charm. If you want to make a bold, yet not over the top room décor statement, Kelly Green wallpaper will get the job done spectacularly. Pantone named Kelly Green as its “Color of the Year” back in 2017.Top of Form

Bottom of Form


Heavy Metal

As we adorn a living room by adding metallic accessories such as bronze vases and copper kettles, it makes design sense to hang metallic wallpaper throughout the primary entertainment room of your home. Crooke believes metallic wallpaper really makes a room pop. "We've seen a trend in metallics shining through simple patterns and textures,” she said. One caveat for do it yourselfers: Metallic wallpaper often comes with complex patterns that might require the expertise of a home improvement professional to press evenly on a room’s walls.

Smooth as Silk

It appears to be a room décor addition that might be out of your price range. However, when you consider how much pop silk wallpaper adds to a room, the decision to use the wallpaper becomes an easy one to make. Silk wallpaper is particularly appropriate for matching with dramatic looking pieces of art, as well as furniture designed with a soft, smooth fabric. San Francisco interior designer Warren Sheets loves adding silk wallpaper because it "creates a light, elegant texture. This style is very delicate and not for high-use areas.”

Don’t Know Much about Geometry

When you think about geometric wallpaper, you have to consider the seemingly endless array of dazzling patterns that can either complement the décor of a room or make the room pop. Cubes, squares, circles, and herringbone are just a few of the patterns offered by geometric wallpaper. Geometric wallpaper works best when the patterns are placed on a dark background.

Paint Me a Picture

No, not a picture using paint, but a picture that tells a story on mural wallpaper. Repeating wallpaper patterns give a room design consistency. However, mural wallpaper, which consists of non-repeating patterns, does a much better job of making a room pop. The wallpaper conveys a story, perhaps your personal story or the story of someone you admire. In any case, mural wallpaper will take your guests away for a short term journey. Dining and living rooms are the ideal spots to hang mural wallpaper.

You Never Send Me Flowers

Wallpaper went out of style for around 40 years. That is, except wallpaper decorated with bright, crisp flower designs. Floral designs for interior décor never went out of style. It is just flower wallpaper now comes in stunning patterns that make rooms pop with energy. When a guest walks into a room decorated with flower wallpaper, you can expect the guest to take a 360-degree look at the awe inspiring room décor.

Three-D Produces Incredible Depth

The most effective way to add depth to any room involves putting up three dimensional wallpaper. You can use the wallpaper as a backsplash or as the dominate design feature that makes a room pop. The visually appealing appearance of three dimensional wallpaper makes it the optimal choice for a small room that you want to present a more spacious look. One of the most popular design ideas for three dimensional wallpaper is to enlarge your favorite photos to create a home style ambiance for the kitchen or the dining room.

Let’s Get Digital

Digital technology delivers a long list of attractive wallpaper design options. Technically savvy interior designers take traditional wallpaper designs and then interpret them differently by applying digital technology. Room designer Britt Zunino describes the future of graphic wallpaper: “I’d like to see these concepts evolve even more and incorporate modern architectural moments, mixed with organic touches.”

To decide which type of wallpaper to hang in 2019, ask yourself one question: What kind of ambiance do you want to create in a room? Remember that the ambiance you want for the bathroom will differ from the mood you want to create in the entertainment room. You can purchase different styles of wallpaper to accommodate the mood you want to present in every room of your home.

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