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Gifts for Home Renovators

Some people leave home improvement to the professionals while others are weekend warriors capable of tackling any DIY project they find online. If you have someone in your life that falls into the latter category, finding the perfect gift for them can feel like a project all on its own. Fortunately, Wallplanks is here to help with plenty of ideas for gifts for the home renovator.

1.) Hand Tools - The DIYer on your list can never have too many tools and nothing will spark the same level of joy as opening a brand-new level. If you really want to wow them, pick a level with a laser so they can hang an entire statement wall's worth of photos and artwork in one go.

2.) Magnetic Wristbands and Parts Bowls - DIYers always have a few screws or nails hanging around, so why not grab them something magnetic to keep all of those pieces neat and organized? A wristband or parts bowl is a great way to wrangle loose parts, and it's not something most DIYer would get for themselves.

3.) Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper - If you know your favorite home improvement enthusiast has been dreaming about making a statement wall, give them a gift they'll love by ordering a roll or two of peel-and-stick wallpaper from Wallplanks. Peel-and-stick wallpaper goes on easy and comes off cleanly so they can design and renovate their spaces over and over again.

4.) A Ladder - You can't renovate your home without a ladder. Make sure your favorite DIYer has the tools they need to reach high places by ordering them a really good ladder. Maybe even splurge on a multi-use ladder that can bend and fold into several configurations to tackle any tough project.

5.) Paint Mixing Attachment - DIY and painting go hand-in-hand, but mixing paint by hand can be time consuming and you never quite get the perfect blend that you would have in a fresh can of paint from the paint store. Order a paint mixing attachment for a drill to give your favorite renovator the gift of powerful mixing.

6.) Holiday Décor - If you're looking for home improvement Christmas gifts, the answer might be in the seasonal aisle. Holiday décor is a great choice for the home renovator that loves to celebrate the seasons. From candles to wreaths to holiday light displays, there are plenty of ways you can help your favorite semi-professional ring in the holidays in style.

7.) Cordless Tools - If tools are on your list of potential holiday gifts, make them cordless to give the recipient plenty of flexibility. Today's cordless tools are just as powerful as corded options, but aren't restricted to use in areas near an outlet.

8.) Shiplap - Shiplap is one of those classic wall coverings that will never really go out of style. If your favorite renovator has been coveting a case of shiplap for the bathroom, the kitchen or even the bedroom, make their dreams come true by ordering shiplap by the case from Wallplanks. Order peel-and-stick shiplap for efficiency and easy installation.

9.) Safety Equipment - Like hammers, there's no such thing as having too much safety equipment. Knee pads, ear protection, gloves and safety glasses all need to be replaced regularly, so why not gift some high-quality safety equipment to your favorite creator?

10.) Wall Covering and Flooring Installation Accessories - For the work-in-progress, gift some premium accessories from Wallplanks to make flooring or wall plank installations a little bit easier. Shop for touch-up kits, J-Rollers and more.

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